Shelley Costantini

Shelley Costantini has been making a difference in the beauty industry since 1992. After a thriving career as a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician in the highly competitive Washington DC, Metropolitan area. Shelley built an impressive clientele base at salons in the Georgetown neighborhood. Clients included politicians, actresses and CNN on-air journalists. While in DC she began to expand her experience by participating in the product design and development for a cosmetics line for Universal Esthetics, Inc.

After relocating to San Francisco, Shelley opened BellaPelle Skincare Studio in San Francisco's Union Square in 2002, which received recognition by several fashion magazines. She established a diverse and loyal following of customers drawn to the studio's in-depth understanding of the relationship between skin, bone structure, health and beauty.

For BellaPelle, Shelley developed her own line of skincare products that not only got visual results, but helped maintain healthy skin, and she saw amazing results both in the studio and by customers at home. After 12 years of providing her expertise to clients on an individual level, Shelley was inspired to work toward bringing her products to a broader audience, partnering with Shanna to launch S4 Skincare as an ecommerce business.


Shanna Tellerman

Shanna is creative at heart and has spent her career fascinated by the intersection of design and technology. She is a start-up maven and serial entrepreneur. She loves working with passionate and interdisciplinary teams to make the impossible a reality. Outside of working Shanna spends her time mentoring and supporting events for women in tech. She also loves running and watching a good movie with her family. Shanna was featured in the book "Creating Innovators" by Harvard education expert Tony Wagner, and in 2009, she was named one of BusinessWeek's best young entrepreneurs. She holds a B.F.A. and a master's degree in entertainment technology from Carnegie Mellon.

Our Story

In April 2014, Shelley & Shanna came together as a team to found S4 Skincare. Our mission is to improve everyone's skin by providing healthy, accessible and environmentally conscious products. We each brought to the table something different, particular and diverse. Shelley brings decades of expertise building an esthetics business and understanding the particulars of clients skincare preferences and desires. Shanna brings her background in art, tech and startups.

The S4 principles are at the forefront of our daily activities and our business. We pour over ingredients looking for quality, healthy, natural and effective formulas that are easy to use and make sense. We strive to serve our community and have a commitment to giving back as we grow the business. We volunteer for animal causes, sit on panels and boards that promote women, and we donate a portion of our profits to support local and global causes.

At S4 Skincare, we thrive on customer input and feedback, and in turn offer education and transparency across everything we develop. It is important to us that our clients feel good and know that they are making a difference by choosing S4 Skincare.

We believe that simply cleansing and nourishing your skin with the right products can help you look and feel refreshed, rejuvenated, bright-eyed, relaxed, and beautiful. We hope you will feel these things from your very first splash.

Where We Are

The S4 Skincare HQ is perched in the heart of San Francisco, surrounded by beautiful people who are eco-conscious, health-focused, awe-inspiring and tech savvy. We utilize our unique position to research and test products quickly, simply and efficiently in this close-knit urban environment.

Our Name

The S in our name stands for Skincare, Shelley, Shanna and our 4 core principles; Smart, Simple, Safe and Successful. Our love of the letter S never seems to end ... special, sunshine, smiling, sweetness, splendid...

Our Products & Brand

The S4 products got their start in the professional skincare studio Shelley founded and ran for the 11 years prior to founding S4 Skincare. Shanna was a frequent client of Shelley's at her salon and became fascinated by the idea of bringing the beautiful products Shelley had developed to more people. Together we developed the idea for S4 over many months of brainstorming, planning and many glasses of wine. Our vision was to build our brand and products as an online first business designed for the modern busy professional searching for results without compromising on ingredients. We are excited to see this vision come to life and hope you will feel the love and thought that has entered into every aspect of S4 Skincare.