Heidi A. was at her wits end with active breakouts and old acne scarring. Her Dermatologist recommended Accutane® explaining that there was "nothing else" that could be done. Uncomfortable with the idea of subjecting her body to systemic changes, Heidi did further research and decided start facial treatments with Shelley and begin a new home care practice.

Skin Issues

T-zone congestion, enlarged pores, oil, red and inflamed breakouts and brownish scars from previous acne.

Home Care

Brightening Bar– Twice daily. A sudsy cleanser that removes surface oils and works hard to soften brown spots.

Chiara Tonic – Once a day. Tonic to be used after cleansing for oil-control, pH balancing and wetting agent for maximum absorption of moisturizer.

Chiara Infusion – Once a day. Infusion to be used after cleansing for oil-control, antibacterial, antioxidant and skin strengthening.

Vital C – Once or twice daily. Vitamin C crystals that melt into the Infusion for cell strengthening and antioxidant support.

Simplified Facial Moisturizer – Twice daily. Lightweight hydrator to keep skin smooth and supple.

Professional Treatment

We began preparing her skin by using enzyme exfoliation and performing extractions and masks. Gradually, we increased the intensity of the exfoliation to include peels. Heidi had professional peels every five weeks over a 6-month period. These varied in potency and ingredients which included Salicylic Acid / Retinol / TCA / Lactic Acid / Mandelic Acid

Post Treatment Home Care

For a week after a peel, Heidi would stop using the 'active' products and instead, use the Cherry Life Saver balm to soothe and calm her skin.


Heidi continues to come to the spa for maintenance. Her skin still looks beautiful with her on-going treatments and regular use of S4 Skincare products.