Urban Rainforest Serum


Urban Rainforest Serum


Replacement for Urban Rainforest Serum

We have a replacement option for you and we've received rave reviews on the results! Temporarily, when you order Urban Rainforest Serum we will send you a hyaluronic acid based serum plus a jar of our Vital C crystals. You simply dissolve the crystals into the serum and voila, you have a delightful, hydrating and brightening treatment.

Botanical Hydrenching Treat

This enriched serum provides additional moisture to skin for a hydrating boost.

Use once or twice daily on clean skin.

Aloe Vera Extract: emollient, Honey: moisturizing and soothing, Phospholipids: emollient, Sphingolipids: moisturizing, Starflower Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, L-sodium Hyaluronate: moisturizing and healing, Totarol, Essential oils: grapefruit, lemon peel and tea tree

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